Milan - Exhibition

Jacopo Miliani: Male Male Malen

Marsèlleria – Via Rezia

01 Jun 201728 Jun 2017

Jacopo Miliani’s show attempts to translate a personal universe through the painting medium, which has been taken on by the artist for the first time, with big irony.

In the exhibition, the body is at the centre of the representation: a carnivalesque explosion that, instead of masking itself, reveals its intimacy. Maybe, this is the proper role of the make-up and the mask. Movements and gestures, whose documentation is included inside the artwork itself, activate different elements of abstract, monochrome and also figurative painting.

  • Jacopo Miliani, Courtesy of MarselleriaJacopo Miliani, Courtesy of Marselleria

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Destination: Milan
Where: Marsèlleria – Via Rezia
Type: Opening
Admission: Free

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