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Jala Wahid: Akh Milk Bile Threat


09 Sep 201714 Oct 2017

Born in 1988 and based in London, UK, the artist Jala Wahid is having a solo show at Seventeen gallery.
From the Thea Smith’s statement:

“The intestines, cut out with adamant and thrown from warm belly to the tomb-cold steel tray were left out for a long time, barely shaded. The tray became warmer than the beast’s blood, black foam surrounded the pellucid flesh and in it grew a soupy vapour. At first it touched on the putrid matter, swathed in decrepit gown, from there it departed silently and split open above a congealed pool of oil, akh, the poisonous sound of a bezoar dropping into fuscous liquor”.

  • Jala Wahid, Akh Milk Bile Threat. Courtesy of SeventeenJala Wahid, Akh Milk Bile Threat. Courtesy of Seventeen

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Destination: London
Where: Seventeen
Type: Opening
Admission: Free

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T: +44(0) 20 7249 7789 M: W: Seventeen Gallery
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