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Jason Gomez: Addio al Passato


01 Feb 201824 Mar 2018

Clima Gallery in Milan presents a solo show by Jason Gomez. Gomez explores the notions of a ‘multispecies companionship’, ‘becoming with’ and ‘intra-action’ through the daily relationship over the last year with his Whippet sighthound, a ever more loyal and intimate companion with whom he shares physical space and his daily routine. A transformative experience in which the human being sees itself through other creatures, dismantling western concepts of identity, species and race.

In the show the artist uses written word and built environments to narrate connections, associations, the concept of object and transitional phenomenon. Alighting imagination and persuading the viewer toward the discovery of surrounding world through objects. Jason Gomez sees his sculptures as “connective elements in the uncertain relation between the self and the outside world”.  The exhibition becomes a transitional space for the artist and the viewer, where recognizable objects encourage the imagination to go behind common ways of thinking.

  • Installation view ph. Marco DavolioInstallation view ph. Marco Davolio

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