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Jeewi Lee & Henri Haake: Dialogue of Residuals

Köppe Contemporary

21 Apr 201621 May 2016

Henri Haake, born and educated at the University of Arts in Berlin in 1989 in Lübeck, belongs to the young Berlin artist generation. “Man and Space” is the central theme of the artist: the exhibition showcase scenes that seem like random, snapshots from everyday life, set pieces of reality from different, sometimes extreme views. A man with a dog in her arms, a group of figures on a sports field or a road. A panoramic view of a Palm beach, looking into a barber shop and another, seen from above sunning itself on man on a beach. The figurations are mostly highly stylized that situations in which they are involved are often only hinted at. The site of the incident remains unclear. It also remains uncertain whether what is happening is only just happened or lags far. Everything remains in a mysterious intermediate state between reality and memory.

Sometimes Henri Haake photos from newspapers and magazines serve as a source of inspiration for his subjects, often their own photos. The picturesque result recalls, however, only a distant resemblance to the original. The artist paints mostly in oil, but also used spray paints. The coloring of his pictures is determined by muted colors, emerald green, dark blue, crimson red, for example. The combination of picturesque and graphic elements, unusual space gates and geometric patterns are characteristic of the art of Henri Haake, generate tension and dynamism. Developed by Henri Haake painting leaves the viewer with its distinctive ciphers, their picturesque finesse and free forms, a lot of freedom for their own associations.

  • Jeewi Lee, 2015Jeewi Lee, 2015
  • Henri Haake, 2015Henri Haake, 2015

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