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Jesper Just: Servitudes – Circuits (Interpassivities)


16 May 201902 Sep 2019

Danish artist Jesper Just transforms the Oval Gallery into a couple of emotional spaces inhabited by fleeting characters that reflect the human condition in the present era, in a site-specific intervention. Through sound, built structures and deconstructed moving images, the artist alters the physicality and perception of exhibition spaces, obstructing the normal flow of museum visitors. This performative approach makes the visitor adjust to unexpected conditions, testing ideas of agency, self-conscience and physical boundaries.

Servitudes – Circuits (Interpassivities)” combines and re-stages two interrelated pieces in the artist’s recent production: Servitudes, an eight-channel video installation that was first presented in 2015 at the Palais Tokyo, and Circuits – Interpassivities, a multimedia piece presented here for the first time in a museum context, after its initial presentation at the artist’s gallery in Denmark.


  • Jesper Just, Jesper Just, "Servitudes", 2015 (video still)

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