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José Bechara: jaguares

Paço Imperial

17 Dec 201528 Feb 2016

Paço Imperial is glad to announce the exhibition “Jaguares”, by José Bechara, opening on December 17th. The show presents recent paintings in three dimensions at the museum’s first floor. Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1957, Mr. Bechara has a well-known career as an artist, dealing mostly with sculpture since the 80’s.

Now “Jaguares” brings together seven paintings made with different materials, such as glass, paper, marble, lamps and steel. Two of them – “As horas” (2015) and “Nos intervalos entre as coisas importantes, nos minutos à toa” (2013) – contains a sculpture that copies the shape of José Bechara’s own head.

The works are based on the artist’s research on painting. He has been exploring this media for the past two years as an “experience on the limits of painting”. “In general, people think that painting is a two dimension procedure. My painting, however, comes from a three dimensional production”, said Mr. Bechara. In this exhibition, the artist’s purpose is to confront both sculpture and painting. “When I brought those paitings together, I was thinking about the disruptions, the cracks and the paths that those works could open for my future production”, he said.

  • Josè Bechara, Cloud to half height, 2013Josè Bechara, Cloud to half height, 2013

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