Milan - Exhibition

Julien Friedler: Mania Boz

Fondazione Mudima

14 Oct 201513 Nov 2015

Julien begins as a psychoanalyst and writer, later he leaves the psychoanalys to found the “Boz”, a universe in permanent evolution, which implies opposing facets, collective inspiration and individual meditation.

This last aspect is part of the artist’s production and installations titled Schnarks. The exhibition explores the pictorial world of Friedler with thirty works that reconstruct the atmosphere of his studio in Brussels through the ghostly presence of Schnarks.

Julien Friedler is a painter who observes the world, and from this contemplation springs a force of reception and transmission of visible and invisible perceptions of living energies that inhabit our planet. His art examines, relationships , analysis, capacity-building, and is conceived as a work of integration of all vital expressions.

His work covers various fields, from literature to philosophy, sociological analysis to the visual arts (painting, sculpture); his artistic language involves a pictorial production generated by its creative necessity, by his own desire transmission spontaneous and visceral.

His knowledge of the secret mechanisms of human beings brings Friedler to develop its project Boz, nurtured long ago through the practice of psychoanalysis, feeded his imagination pictorial.

His works are inhabited by invisible spirits, from furtive shadows wandering in ethereal universes. His paintings sometimes disturbing but often colored and planes, they define a painting made of subtle harmonies, reflecting his interest in the knowledge of the world.

  • Julien Friedler, Mania Boz, 2012Julien Friedler, Mania Boz, 2012
  • Julien Friedler, Aux portes de la nuit, 2014Julien Friedler, Aux portes de la nuit, 2014

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