Berlin - Exhibition

Katja Strunz: Pulp Friction

Contemporary Fine Arts 

28 Apr 201726 May 2017

For this exhibition, Katja focuses on the history of the Berlin palace. Having done lot of research about the development of the construction, Strunz now explores the expansion and contraction of space.
The artist is presenting a new, surprising installation that alters time-space orientation by using acceleration, another common leitmotiv in Strunz’ oeuvre.

  • Katja Strunz, Katja Strunz, "Hollow Face Illusion", 2017. Courtesy Katja Strunz and Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin. Photo by: Matthias Kolb

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Katja Strunz

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Destination: Berlin
Where: Contemporary Fine Arts 
Type: Opening
Admission: Free

Opening during the Gallery Weekend Berlin

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Brunnet Bruno, Hackert Nicole

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