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Koo Jeong A: Tengam Tengam

König Galerie

24 Nov 201806 Jan 2019

At König Galerie, Koo Jeong A presents a selection of her recent magnet artworks. The artist’s interest in this material is part of a ten-year exploration into its properties and potential uses. From an architectural tool to a relational object of healing, the magnet’s humble form is embedded with an expansive set of possibilities, which Koo Jeong A draws upon in her subtle sculptural pieces. Displayed in the gallery is a series of installations and paintings, each of which is meticulously configured out of commonplace, pre-cut sized magnets.

Koo Jeong A recasts these everyday items into arrangements of varying scale, resembling provisional architectural models or minimalist geometric compositions. In spite of their ostensible simplicity and compact form, each work holds within it the vibrational energy inherent to the artist’s chosen medium. Situated and compacted in space, the magnetic building blocks of Koo Jeong A’s works create an expanded energy field throughout the gallery, connecting and affecting each discrete object and the bodies of visitors to the exhibition.

  • Koo Jeong A, TENGAM TENGAM, KÖNIG GALERIE, Berlin, Germany 2018, Photo: Roman MärzKoo Jeong A, TENGAM TENGAM, KÖNIG GALERIE, Berlin, Germany 2018, Photo: Roman März

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Koo Jeong A photographed in Holland Park in London. Photo by David Sandison

Koo Jeong-A

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