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Kumuda Krovvidi and Shivali Mathur: Balance of Life


09 Nov 201529 Nov 2015

Balance of Life is based on the Warli style of painting. Warli art is a visual painting style that owes its origins to tribal people living in the western regions of India. The word “warli” is derived from “waral”, which means a piece of land or field. The art form is typically used in decorating the mud walls of the huts in which the people live in. The paintings are mostly done with white rice paste and resemble pre-historic cave paintings depicting scenes of human figures engaged in activities like hunting, dancing, sowing and harvesting. The murals depict the Warli people’s simple appreciation of nature and celebration of life and its surroundings.

  • Balance of life. Courtesy of the artistBalance of life. Courtesy of the artist

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