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La Exposición Pendiente

Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil – MACG

07 Dec 201805 May 2019

La Exposición Pendiente (The Pending Exhibition)” reconstructs the vicissitudes connected to the exhibition “Orozco. Rivera. Siqueiros. Pintura Mexicana”, that was about to be inaugurated on September 13, 1973. The show gathered 169 artworks from the Carrillo Gil Collection, including paintings, engravings and drawings, by Mexican artists José Clemente Orozco, Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros. The initiative, led by  Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chilean diplomacy, was intended to commemorate the third anniversary of the government of Unidad Popular, chaired by Salvador Allende.

Unfortunately, the exhibition never opened because of the violent coup d’etat on September 11, 1973, commanded by general Augusto Pinochet, which led to Allende’s murder. The contemporary exhibition at Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil tries to reconstruct that context, in which the works by the collection underwent serious danger, with the support of documents, audiovisuals and notes.



  • David Alfaro Siqueiros, Courtesy of MACG - Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil, Mexico CityDavid Alfaro Siqueiros, Courtesy of MACG - Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil, Mexico City

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