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Latin America Calling

Häusler Contemporary Zurich

25 Aug 201605 Nov 2016

On the occasion of the Zurich galleries’ season opening, Häusler Contemoprary Zürich traces the call of Latin American art that figures among the international art scene’s major discoveries of the past few years. By combining gallery artist Alejandra Seeber with guest artists Jose Dávila, Francisco Sierra, and Bosco Sodi the gallery shows four independent and innovative positions who unite opposed concepts in their works and who all account for the 20th century’s art history.

Ever since the art world started to widen its focus beyond Europe and North America, Latin America has become an important destination for art lovers and collectors of contemporary art. This scene’s attraction and innovative energy has just been discovered and is also witnessed by art fairs such as Zona Maco in Mexico City that rose to a status of international relevance within short. However, “Latin American art” is no longer located on the South American continent only, rather its representatives have joined the American and European art history and its events.

  • Alejandra Seeber, »Hands«, 2015Alejandra Seeber, »Hands«, 2015
  • Jose Dávila, »Joint Effort«, 2016Jose Dávila, »Joint Effort«, 2016

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