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Laura Lima: A Room and a Half

Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle

23 Jun 201701 Oct 2017

“A Room and a Half” is the first solo exhibition of Brazilian artist Laura Lima; the show evolves around the margins of the visitors’ perception and it blurrs the differences between reality and illusion. It invites visitors to be part of a situation that escapes rational logic staying on the edge of an understatement and a joke.

“Laura Lima creates situations or images in which she then places living beings  humans or animals  for the duration of the exhibition. Although Limas projects have some performative aspects, the artist stubbornly avoids such expressions as “performance” or “installation” as there are no narrative moments, scripts, or even endings in her work. There are also no attempts or aspirations to create choreographies of movements.”


  • Laura Lima: A Room and a Half, 2017Laura Lima: A Room and a Half, 2017

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Laura Lima

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