Jeddah - Exhibition

Lawrence Abu Hamdan: The Whole Truth

Athr Gallery

11 Feb 201612 Mar 2016

For his solo show at Athr, Lawrence Abu Hamdan will be presenting two different works, the theme of each triggered by the current application of voice analysis as a lie detection method recently piloted by European, Russian and Israeli governments as well as being employed in border agencies and insurance companies all over the world. This technology uses the voice as a kind of stethoscope, an instrument to measure internal bodily responses to stress and tension; a material channel that allows the law’s listening to bypass speech and delve deeper into the body of its subjects.

  • Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Beneath the Surface, 2015Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Beneath the Surface, 2015
  • Lawrence Abu Hamdan, The Whole Truth, 2012Lawrence Abu Hamdan, The Whole Truth, 2012

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