Busan - Exhibition

Lee Kwang Ho Solo Show

Johyun Gallery Busan

12 Oct 201825 Nov 2018

Lee Kwang-Ho, is a representative figure in realism paintings. He takes daily subject matters and takes the reproduction of their forms into a unique language of his own. Although realism seems like quite a laborious task and sometimes compulsive as well, through the pictorial depiction of Lee Kwang-Ho, we see the reconstructed reality fabricated by his intentions. Subjects that are expressed both vigorously and dramatically expose the desires of their subconscious, and also stimulates the tactility of those that behold them.

  • Lee Kwang Ho, Cactus No.71, 2011, Courtesy of Johyun GalleryLee Kwang Ho, Cactus No.71, 2011, Courtesy of Johyun Gallery

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