Letizia Battaglia - Exhibition

Letizia Battaglia

I Granai di Villa Mimbelli - Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori

19 Jan 201915 Mar 2019

The exhibition is dedicated to Letizia Battaglia, one of the most important figures of contemporary photography, as part of a bigger project, titled “Photography and the Work Environment”. On display fifty pictures by Battaglia, which include both reportages of the main salient facts of Italian chronicles and images of the people of Palermo.

The pictures on show are not gathered according to a chronological or theme-based order , but with the aim to highlight the common thread between “atrocity and beauty, as it traces the archetypes generating human actions” as said by the exhibition curator Serafino Fasulo. The frontline photographer has always worked with black and white, explicitly declaring her dislike for colour and appreciating, on the other hand, the intrinsic solemnity of black and white pictures.


  • Letizia Battaglia, Letizia Battaglia, "Ortensie", 1992, Courtesy dell’artista

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Destination: Letizia Battaglia
Where: I Granai di Villa Mimbelli, Livorno
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Destination: Letizia Battaglia
Where: Museo della Città – Luogo Pio Arte Contemporanea
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