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Leza One: Fureur de vivre (The fury of Living)

Laundromat Art Space

06 Dec 201808 Dec 2018

Fureur de Vivre (The fury of Living)” features paintings by Swiss artist Leza One in his first US solo exhibition. The works investigate the inner world and experiences of the portrayed subjects, revealing the range of human emotions hidden to the eyes, under the surface.

Leza One is a contemporary artist born in Geneva, Switzerland. He has been painting murals and exhibiting across the world for over 20 years. He first arrived in Miami when he was invited to paint a mural and to show his artwork in Wynwood for Art Whino Gallery during Art Basel 2011. His solo exhibition in Switzerland (“Urban Muses”), in 2014, drew a lot of attention. The exhibition at Laundromat Art Space investigates the shapes of human emotions.

  • Leza One, Leza One, "Fureur de Vivre", Dec 6-8, 2018, Laundromat Art space, Miami, Courtesy of the artist

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Destination: Miami
Where: Laundromat Art Space
Type: Opening
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