Venice - Exhibition

Liang Yuanwei: Behind the Curtain

Palazzo Pisani - Conservatorio di Musica Benedetto Marcello

12 May 201718 Jun 2017

Presented by the K11 Art Foundation (KAF)“Behind the Curtain” [Dietro le Quinte] reveals Chinese artist Liang Yuanwei‘s process-based approach to art making. The exhibition titles in English and Italian both allude to the revelation of what is unseen for a moment on the theatre stage; the Chinese is a direct borrowing from the title of an exquisite Peking opera evoking themes of love, betrayal, and honor.

Adrian Cheng, Founder and Honorary Chairman, K11 Art Foundation, says:
“We are excited about this exhibition and working again with Liang Yuanwei, an exceptional artist whose career we have followed for some time, and whose works we have exhibited at the chi K11 art museum in Shanghai. Part of KAF’s wider initiative is to support exceptional young artists from Greater China and to encourage important intercultural dialogues across borders. For this exhibition we bring her work to the world’s most prominent art stage – in Venice over the Biennale.”

Loïc Le Gall, Curator, says: “Liang is a captivating artist whose work combines conceptual rigor with emotional experience, resulting in works that are strong and leave a lasting impression. This wonderful collaboration was made possible by the K11 Art Foundation and I am delighted for this exhibition to be taking place in Venice, being the crossroads of cultural exchange, as Liang’s work covers a vast range of cultural traditions.”

  • Behind the Curtain, exhibition view, Palazzo Pisani, 2017Behind the Curtain, exhibition view, Palazzo Pisani, 2017

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