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Looking at one thing and thinking of something else: An Exhibition in Four Parts


11 Nov 201625 Feb 2017

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Heading up to the fifth anniversary of Carroll / Fletcher, founding director Jonathon Carroll curates an exhibition in four parts, bringing together works by each of the artists represented by the gallery. The exhibition will explore the impact of digital technologies on the production, consumption and distribution of art, while considering the role of artists, galleries and artworks in today’s interconnected, conflict-ridden world.

From November 2016 to February 2017, the gallery will present “Looking at one thing and thinking of something else” – a group show in four monthly instalments. Each chapter of the exhibition will be curated around a different set of themes, with some works remaining from one instalment to the next, allowing for the same artworks to be understood through different lenses, and unfolding multiple meanings and resonances between the works.

The exhibition will be complemented by a series of discussions that focus on key artworks within each exhibition.  Each discussion will consider the works from different perspectives – for example, their place within the exhibition, their relation to art history and art theory, and the challenges of collecting and preservation. The discussion series will culminate in a symposium to be held on Saturday 25 February, the final day of the exhibition.

Alongside the exhibitions and discussions in the physical gallery space, Carroll / Fletcher Onscreen will exhibit a range of online works that develop the themes of the physical exhibitions.

  • John Wood and Paul Harrison, Erdkunde (2015) [video still] Courtesy of the artists and Carroll : Fletcher, LondonJohn Wood and Paul Harrison, Erdkunde (2015) [video still] Courtesy of the artists and Carroll : Fletcher, London
  • Manfred Mohr, Bild-1968 [24/768], 1968Manfred Mohr, Bild-1968 [24/768], 1968
  • Evan Roth,, 2016Evan Roth,, 2016
  • Eulalia Valldosera, Abrazo (Dependencia Mutua no. 1), 2010Eulalia Valldosera, Abrazo (Dependencia Mutua no. 1), 2010

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