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Loris Cecchini: Waterbones

T Fondaco dei Tedeschi

07 Apr 201727 Nov 2017

From 7 April 2017, the Event Pavilion, the space devoted to proposals cultural of various kinds within the T Fondaco dei Tedeschi, hosts a site-specific installation by Italian artist Loris Cecchini. Curated by Hervé Mikaeloff, this exhibition offers visitors the opportunity of a total immersion in the work and in the special atmosphere created by the artist.

Waterbones” consists of thousands of thin steel modules assembled to one another. Leaning against the walls or hung on the glass placed the hall ceiling the top floor of the T Fondaco, the organic shape realized by Cecchini contaminates the entire space and plays with gravity, interacting with architecture and creating a three-dimensional effect, at the same time natural and artificial, static and dynamic. The modules can be assembled Waterbones endlessly and combined in countless ways, calling to mind the mathematical algorithms to the base of nature. So the installation is a biological metaphor alienating the border between science and aesthetics: a point of contact between poetic narration and industrial production.

  • Loris Cecchini, Waterbones, installation view.Loris Cecchini, Waterbones, installation view.

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Loris Cecchini


Special Events

Destination: Venice
Where: T Fondaco dei Tedeschi
Type: Press Preview
Admission: Free

Press preview with the artist and curator

Destination: Venice
Where: T Fondaco dei Tedeschi
Type: Opening
Admission: Free

Opening of the exhibition by Loris Cecchini

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