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Lou Shenyi: Why flowers are so splendid?

Private: Platform China, Hong Kong

17 Sep 201417 Nov 2014

“Why flowers are so splendid?” is a selection of Lou Shenyi‘s works realized in different styles that reveal not only his mastery over the medium but also his power of visualization in picturing reality.

Meticulous observer of the world around and introspective thinker, Lou Shenyishares with the audience a fantastic journey through his own figuration of reality. In this journey, Lou adopts different kinds of creative forms to picture the world’s reality and, by means of painting he reflects an examination of nature, his aspirations and the various expectations and possibilities in life. The exhibition title“Why flowers are so splendid?” further reflects his positive attitude towards life.

His paintings skip excessive visual elements and are free from complex concepts. He removes excessive details by simplification, and captures the essence of vision and perception to reflect the purity of objects. Lou‘s work emancipates from the bond of traditional aesthetic and focus in creating a delightful mood in his paintings. The oil paintings and water-colored drawings are characterized by very genuine strokes, which are to picture a visual happiness embedded by comic flavors.

The works in the exhibition portray both figurative and abstract landscapes; they describe flowers or swallows flying over a colorful lake, portray of cartoon characters or goddesses and dragon-like imageries etc. These spaces and individuals are presented in various forms and colors to express the state of mind of the painter. By juxtaposing different visual styles, Lou allows his audience to experience not only the blissful reality he sees, but he also contextualizes his practice and profundity in a fast changing world.

  • Yan Chun 2014Yan Chun 2014
  • Yunshan; Courtesy of Platform ChinaYunshan; Courtesy of Platform China

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