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Louisa Gagliardi: Under the Weather


17 Nov 201803 Mar 2019

The first solo show in a UK institution of Louisa Gagliardi features both new and existing works by the Swiss artist, whose practice investigates the codes and history of painting. These are conceived digitally, using a free hand digital illustration tool, and then printed. In this way, artist’s practice embraces the codes of advertising industry more than traditional painting’s ones.

Gagliardi’s scenes often capture urban or countryside settings, drawing from the artist’s personal experience, to highlight the conflicts between the two contexts. The portrayed subjects often express their dissatisfaction or the inability to be content in the present moment, appearing submitted to the external elements and stuck in unresolved situations, longing for the past. The atmospheres are suspended, capturing a world halfway between human and machine and permeated by a confused and surreal tone.


This exhibition is part of MOSTYN’s continuing ‘In Conversation’ series. The ‘In Conversation’ series brings together two solo exhibitions and presents the dialogue, collaboration or similarity in exploring themes that can occur between artists.

  • Louisa Gagliardi, Louisa Gagliardi, "Sip and Stare", 2017, Courtesy the artist and Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels.

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