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Lubricar el sistema artístico para que funcione mejor / Lubricate the artistic system to make it work better

Museo Ex Teresa Arte Actual

30 Nov 201605 Mar 2017

Since founding Pinto mi Raya in 1989, Mónica Mayer and Víctor Lerma have confronted official art forms in Mexico by proposing different dynamics to address the voids of the museums. As members of the “Grupos” generation, they created an alternative space dedicated to critical and analytical processes, not only of artistic production but also of art management and criticism. In 1991 they began to collect and preserve a critical memory to form an art archive of unparalleled value: 40 thousand critical texts and more than 200 thousand news articles and interviews. This exhibition reviews the trajectory of Pinto mi Raya for 25 years.

  • Archivo Pinto mi Raya (2016). © Gerardo Sánchez Aguilera. Courtesy of Ex TeresaArchivo Pinto mi Raya (2016). © Gerardo Sánchez Aguilera. Courtesy of Ex Teresa

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