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Luca Schenardi: Meyer speaks about Gratiskaffee

Guillaume Daeppen

20 May 201717 Jun 2017

In occasion of the book launch of “Meyer spricht von Gratiskaffee”, the gallery is exhibiting various sketches made by the artist.

After the sixth from analog to digital television, Schenardi noticed that the teletext headlines were scrambled and apparently randomly recombined, resulting in funny glitches – which the artist calls “Gratiskaffee” (free coffee). Amused by his discovery, he took photographs of these misleading headings and turned them with black marker and tusche into sketches. As of today, these fill tweets notebooks which make up roughly 800 pages of collected gems.

They thereby visualize of transcriptions of news coverage sometimes seem to convey uncanny truths, then get tangled up in utter absurdities, as though attempting a novel approach to relating news of war and calamity around the world in the guise of news ticker headlines.

A selection of his sketches have been published as “Meyer spricht von Gratiskaffee”, Edition Patricl Frey, No 232 / 1. Edition 2017, which is available at Guillaume Daeppen.

  • Luca Schenardi, Meyer spricht von Gratiskaffee, 2017. Courtesy Guillaume DaeppenLuca Schenardi, Meyer spricht von Gratiskaffee, 2017. Courtesy Guillaume Daeppen

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