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Luca Trevisani: Sudan


26 Oct 201623 Dec 2016

Luca Trevisani is having a solo show at Marselleria, Milan. Among the recent works by the artist,  “Sudan”, one of his latest films, will be added into the exhibit from November 23rd.

The artist’s video comes out from a trip he organized to document the last exemplary of white rhino in North Africa. “The film is the portrait of a body that is a real living monument, rare and precious like a unicorn” says Trevisani. “If in European culture rhinos have always signified an encounter with the exotic, with strangers, with the Other, Sudan is the result of a millenary exercise of zoo-technique, the culmination of a struggle between ideas of nature and culture. I wanted to interview its body, the space where these notions are defined, where one starts and the other ends”.

  • Luca Trevisani, Sudan, video still, 2016. Courtesy of MarselleriaLuca Trevisani, Sudan, video still, 2016. Courtesy of Marselleria

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