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Luis Gómez: Gimme Shelter

Diana Lowenstein Gallery

13 May 201725 Jul 2017

The work of Luis Gómez are centered on “power relations”: art is a process that occurs during the encounter between the spectator’s experience and the artwork.

Through the creation of environments with installations, and the intervention on space with a variety of media such as photography, drawing, painting or video, Gomez unfolds an itinerary that explores the conventions used by traditional analysis of the productions of meanings and thought processes; which reveal frequent tensions between the real and the western “canon”.
He highlights the vices performed by hegemonic categorizations and translations that often distort the true source codes. His proposal talks about the stereotypes that have governed the appreciation of cultural practices that are not generated from the known institutionalized power systems, the understanding of which are ruled by the ignorance and prejudice.

  • Luis Gomez, Kandariyamahadeva, Gestalt Series, 2008Luis Gomez, Kandariyamahadeva, Gestalt Series, 2008

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