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Mahsa Aleph: Aleph Archive

Mohsen Gallery

12 Oct 201802 Nov 2018

The exhibition at Mohsen Gallery features a new body of works by Mahsa Aleph, titled Aleph Archive. The exhibition follows two paths: on one hand, the artist reinterprets her previous work “An Introduction to Aleph’s Library”, which functions as an introduction to the bigger project “Aleph’s Library”. Here, the artist preserves books with salt, protecting them but at the same time making them unreadable because inaccessible. On the other hand, through the other project named “The Aleph Archive”, she establishes a logic system to record and codify images and signs.

The common thread of Aleph’s practice is her will to highlight the physicality of the materials, which take precedence over their function as mere medium. The works from this series are deprived of their defining qualities, while the details which really stand our are the materials which compose or, in the case of salt, hide them.


  • Mahsa Aleph, Mahsa Aleph, "11", From "Aleph Archive" series, 2018, Courtesy of the gallery

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Destination: Tehran
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