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Marcio Mota H: Image in Process

Zipper Galeria

19 Jan 201620 Feb 2016

If the image at first glance, occupies in our mind a static, two-dimensional field to Marcio Mota H, it is in a constant process of appropriation and deconstruction. First solo artist in Brasilia Zipper gallery, “Image in Process” aims to treat this form of representation as an event with different meanings depending on the context in which it is. The show brings together six video installation works that dialogue with the playful, fantasy and ghostly.

In Márcio work, the light has a previous paper the video. It is through it that the artwork gets its plasticity and transforms the space in which it operates. According to the artist, we can even talk about a instalativo work, in which, through moving images, the viewer can construct their own narratives.

An outcome of a survey that focuses on the microcosm of the video, Márcio appropriates the pictorial palette of moving pixels to form a picture-light. The projection smoke and various objects such as dolls and bottles, creates materiality in their work and build new forms of presentation and reception of the work. In this poetic evocation of light, these elements at first glance disparate acquire a ghostly appearance when something amalgamated into a stand.

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Destination: São Paulo
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