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Maria Lynch: Sensorial Fictions

Blau Projects

02 Apr 201607 May 2016

In “Sensorial Fictions”, by Maria Lynch, at Blau Projects, the artist from Rio de Janeiro that currently lives in New York presents about 30 original works, amongst them paintings, sculptures, drawings, videos and performances. In the opening of the exhibition, Lynch has a performance where a magician makes her appear and disappear of the space of the show.

The artist, that hasn’t had a solo show in São Paulo for four years, displays her newest production, amidst it a sculpture of big proportions, as big as her natural body size, that will be in the front of the gallery. “There are a lot of issues to be thought of, since the projection of idealized woman until the reference of what I think about women”, says Lynch.

“My work always had this sense, always talked about my existence”, she says. Maria presents some canvas with her name written on, along with sentences and thoughts inspired by philosophers such as the French Gilles Deleuze (“existence is created every instant”), with letters inspired by a 1980s aesthetic. “I lost my decency and I am looking to make a metalanguage and an irony with the concept of what is is to be an artists so that your name becomes a piece of art”.

In this exhibition, the sensorial question becomes more present in her work. There are two rooms, one of them with sensorial boxes where the spectator puts their hand and feels different textures. In this room, there can also be seen her already famous paintings, all of them from the newest taking. “I started this sensorial research in a residency in Los Angeles and I am developing this new work”, says Maria. One of the sensorial rooms of the gallery will be closed and the spectator may enter alone for three minutes to have a solitary sensorial experience. “People will need to strip themselves to experience it”, says the artist in a mysterious tone.

Conceptually, Maria explains her new phase: “from my fascination with the ludic and innocent world, I revisit my lost fantasies, where figures appear in the frontier of abstraction, thinning out and amalgamating. (…) A mix between child play and fear, femininity and home, (main roles) in the affective memory, permeate all my investigation. The assemblage, the development, they generate multiplicities that result on open meanings, subverting the stablished logical system and the rational speech”.

  • Maria Lynch, Trio Family Nr.3, 2015, Courtesy of Blau ProjectsMaria Lynch, Trio Family Nr.3, 2015, Courtesy of Blau Projects
  • Maria Lynch, Mercury, 2015. Oil on canvas.Maria Lynch, Mercury, 2015. Oil on canvas.
  • Maria Lynch, Vontade de Potência, 2015. Oil on canvas.Maria Lynch, Vontade de Potência, 2015. Oil on canvas.

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Destination: São Paulo
Where: Blau Projects
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Destination: São Paulo
Where: Blau Projects
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Brunch and a guided tour with the artist Maria Lynch

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