Mexico City - Exhibition

Marie Lund

joségarcía, mx

05 Feb 201830 Apr 2018

Danish artist Marie Lund presents her new series of copper sculptures created in copper center of Mexico – Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán in collaboration with local artisans. Marie Lund’s poetic works are formed as conceptual investigations of objects, forms and materials, often focused on the interaction between the human body and the object as well as the relation between surface and content, abstraction and its reference to a specific reality. Her sculptural objects frequently place themselves in a limbo between image and solid object and the notion of medium often flickers in a complex alternation between painting, photography and sculpture. Thus, rethinking not only the idea of the object, but also the space and the experience that surrounds it. One of her signature art pieces are inspired by animal forms and then then enlarged out of proportion copper sculptures. Looking for inspiration for a new body of works artist traveled to Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoácan a town ethnically dominated by the Purépecha people who have been working with copper since the pre-Hispanic era. Working together with local artisans the artist writes a new chapter in the history of Santa Clara del Cobre as well in her own artistic development.
The results of the experiment will then invade and transform the exhibition space of joségarcía, mx.


  • Marie Lunde, Raising the Vessel. Photo by Omar Said, courtesy joségarcía ,mxMarie Lunde, Raising the Vessel. Photo by Omar Said, courtesy joségarcía ,mx

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Destination: Mexico City
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Opening reception of Marie Lund’s solo show at joségarcía

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