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Marinella Senatore: Renn Lieber, Renn


08 Sep 201810 Nov 2018

Renn Lieber, Renn is the first exhibition at KOW of artist Marinella Senatore. The Italian artist devises parades, processions, and choreographies: these pieces, take place in public spaces as shared actions which merge dance, music and singing but that usually convey deeper political messages, joining aesthetics and civil activism .

The exhibition features selections from her audio archive, presents protagonists and voices from various protest movements, marks individual scenes of action and possible ways of thinking. It offers an overview of the history and present of a wide-ranging and popular culture of protest.


  • Marinella Senatore, Renn Lieber, Renn, Courtesy of KOW, BerlinMarinella Senatore, Renn Lieber, Renn, Courtesy of KOW, Berlin

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Destination: Berlin
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