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Meanwhile, Elsewhere

Ausstellungsraum Klingental / Rank

31 May 201528 Jun 2015

Meanwhile, Elsewhere is an expression often used in comics or movies, to announce a change of scene and location.

As the title of the exhibition describes the juxtaposing of the works of three artists, who through their practice seek to address the positioning of humankind within and towards nature. In between simultaneity
and distance, presence and absence, specific spatial relations and imagined infinity, a number of different perspectives unfold regarding the classic dichotomy of man and nature.

The works of Lorenza Diaz, Sylvain Baumann and Sybella Perry interrogate cultural concepts of the perception and representation of nature, make visible their prehistories, and put to the test situative, performative approaches within the temporal and spatial boundaries of the exhibition space. Meanwhile, Elsewhere, thus is also representative of the situation of the exhibition, where individual works can be experienced as both independent of, and in discursive relation to each other. The exhibition consequently becomes a theatrical space, where instead of proclaiming a new concept of nature existing ideas of nature are rendered perceptible as dynamic sets of relations.

  • Lorenza Diaz, Sulfat, 2015 © the artistLorenza Diaz, Sulfat, 2015 © the artist
  • Sylvain Baumann, Good People Run, 2014 © the artistSylvain Baumann, Good People Run, 2014 © the artist
  • Sybella Perry, Cinerama, 2011 © the artistSybella Perry, Cinerama, 2011 © the artist

Special Events

Destination: Basel
Where: Ausstellungsraum Klingental / Rank
Type: Opening
Destination: Basel
Where: Ausstellungsraum Klingental / Rank
Type: Performance

With Sibella Perry

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