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Metaphysical Masterpieces 1916-1920: Morandi, Sironi and Carrà

The Center for Italian Modern Art – CIMA

19 Oct 201904 Jun 2019

The Center for Italian Modern Art is pleased to present its first group show, Metaphysical Masterpieces 1916-1920: Morandi, Sironi, and Carrà, in collaboration with Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan, and curated by their Director James Bradburne, in collaboration with CIMA President Laura Mattioli.

The exhibition focuses on the period from the avant-garde movements of Cubism in France and Futurism in Italy and which in turn leads to new poetics, eventually leading onto to the “Return to Order” at the beginning of the 1920s.

The exhibition has been made possible by delays to the restoration of  Palazzo Citterio in Milan, located next to Brera to house the museum’s magnificent 20th-century collections. Offering to the American and international public a preview of the newest Milanese public institution for modern art, scheduled to open as Brera Modern in 2020.

  • Carlo Carrà, L'idolo ermafrodito (The Hermaphrodite Idol) 1917.Carlo Carrà, L'idolo ermafrodito (The Hermaphrodite Idol) 1917.

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