Miami - Exhibition

Michele Oka Doner: Into the Mysterium

Lowe Art Museum

12 Oct 201714 Jan 2018

Michele Oka Doner is fascinated by the human tendency to collect and arrange, to bring order and meaning into an otherwise messy world. She is also just as much interested in Nature as a place of mortal passage for all living creatures. Thus, she sees in stones, pebbles, leaves, sticks, seeds, pods, shells, and husks vestigial remnants of a world that is both eternal and fleeting. The artist transforms what others might call detritus into works that are notable both for their material beauty as well as their intellectual impact.

  • Michele Oka Doner (American, b. 1945 Electricity,, 2017Michele Oka Doner (American, b. 1945 Electricity,, 2017

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Destination: Miami
Where: Lowe Art Museum
Type: Brunch
Admission: VIP Card

Brunch followed by a talk at the adjacent Storer Auditorium, featuring American artist Michelle Oka Doner

Access: Art Basel VIP card Contact: Yina Balarezo, +1 305 542 1540,

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