Milan - Exhibition

Miltos Manetas: Milano

Torre Rasini. Bastioni di Porta Venezia 1, quarto piano

21 Mar 201920 Apr 2019

In the words of Miltos Manetas, ” This exhibition is called Milan because I started painting cables in New York. It was 1998. The spirit of these paintings has spread over time, to get here. Then the wireless came along, but the cables remained …”

With these words Miltos takes us into his network. Among its intricate, sinuous and disconnected lines. We find ourselves in the heart of Milan, on the fourth floor of Torre Rasini, a historic building designed in the thirties by Emilio Lancia and Gio Ponti, which stands out among the bastions of Porta Venezia. We overlook the Hoepli Planetarium and the trees of the Montanelli park, while around we are gradually overwhelmed by the landscapes of large-format oil paintings: landscapes that Manetas has been able to see and portray before and better than anyone else. Landscapes certainly citizens (Milan, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Athens, Rome, Bogota) and certainly domestic.
No taste of the city. No sense of home. This is the Manetas version of “Family Group in an Interior” in the world where technology has become a family.

  • Miltos Manetas, Milano, 2019Miltos Manetas, Milano, 2019

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Miltos Manetas, Courtesy of Fondazione MAXXI, Rome

Miltos Manetas


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Destination: Milan
Where: Torre Rasini. Bastioni di Porta Venezia 1, quarto piano
Type: Opening
Admission: Free

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