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Molly Soda: Comfort Zone

Annka Kultys Gallery

14 Oct 201612 Nov 2016

Annka Kultys Gallery hosts “Comfort Zone”, an exhibition of new works by Molly Soda. This will be the gallery’s second exhibition with the American artist since she joined in 2015. On view will be recent selfies and videos displayed on TV screens, iPads, laptops, and print and vinyl images mounted on walls, as well as resin sculptures.

The first encounter with American artist Molly Soda’s work will probably not occur in a traditional gallery or museum setting and may not even occur within a typical art context at all. Instead Soda has generated a significant online following for herself across various social media by sharing her works on platforms such as Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. A self-described ‘webcam princess,’ Soda’s work spans the array of contemporary digital platforms, including Instagram selfies, YouTube videos, gifs, zines, web-based performance and tweets.

‘There is so much we look at online that goes un-mentioned, stored away into our digital memory bank’, notes Soda. Through the chaotic combination of prints and video works covering the gallery, Comfort Zone explores how we engage with the electronic devices which confront our everyday existence with a never-ending buzz of notifications and instant messages, both in our public and private spaces.

  • Molly Soda's installation view at Annka Kultys Gallery, 2015Molly Soda's installation view at Annka Kultys Gallery, 2015
  • Molly SodaMolly Soda

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