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MTVs: Samson Young’s Screen-based Works

a.m. space

12 Mar 201521 Apr 2015

a.m. space presents MTVs: Samson Young’s Screen-based Works 2006 – 2015, a solo exhibition that features Samson Young’s screen-based works. Young received training as a composer. Many of his early experiments in audio-visualism took the form live music performances with accompanying video projection. This exhibition will revisit some of these “video backdrops” and xpresent them as music videos or standalone video works.

The selection in this exhibition spans almost a decade, and traces Young’s evolution as an artist. Works featured include  a sort of meditation at a prison cell (2008), a music video in which the artist is seen dancing in rat customs in the former Victoria Barracks; Po is ordinary (2006) that featured the artist as one of the Teletubbies; to more recent pieces such as God Save the Queen (2009), Muted Situations (2014), and Memorizing the Tristan Chord (Institute of Fictional Ethnomusicology) (2012), in which the artist’s recent preoccupation with the history of colonialism, the politics of classical music, and the relationship between the two became increasingly apparent.

  • Courtesy of the artist.Courtesy of the artist.
  • Courtesy of the artist.Courtesy of the artist.

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