Basel - Exhibition

Mudun مدن Urban Cultures in Transit

Vitra Design Museum

13 May 201720 Aug 2017

Many big cities in the Arab world are experiencing increasing urbanization which creates new cosmopolitan landscapes. Cities, as for example Baghdad, Dubai, Cairo or Tunis have developed in becoming centers for avant-garde artistic movements, providing room for subcultures to establish themselves and a platform for critical debates.

In collaboration with the magazine Brownbook, who have been documenting contemporary urban culture in the Middle East and North Africa for the past ten years, the Vitra Design Museum uses this exhibition to critically reflect on the effects of these urbanization on people, architecture and neighborhoods.

  • Mudun دن††Urban Cultures in Transit, 2017. Courtesy of of Vitra Design MuseumMudun دن††Urban Cultures in Transit, 2017. Courtesy of of Vitra Design Museum

Special Events

Destination: Basel
Where: Vitra Design Museum
Type: Party
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Summer party, celebrating the exhibitions ‘Monobloc: A Chair for the World’,
‘Mudun: Urban Cultures in Transit’ and ‘Together! The New
Architecture of the Collective’

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