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N.P. or the Possibilities of a Life

Tsami Karatasou 51, 11741, Koukaki

15 May 201730 Jun 2017

“NP or The Possibilities of a Life” is an exhibition whose starting point is the life of an ordinary man with an extraordinary collection. “NP or the Possibilities of a Life is a biographical exhibition; however, more than that, it talks about solitary visions, imaginations unleashed and the limitless possibilities of creating worlds, as well as of the impossibility of containing them. 

The exhibition suggests multiple systems for structuring the chaos of one’s mind and of creating a taxonomy of objects (as ordered as it is hapless). Art works, handcrafted heirlooms, notes, working books (and other collectibles) are ordered and re-ordered, mimicking the love and pathology of holding on to knowledge, things. Entering N.P.’s universe, we are transported through a series of artists’ visions, projections and collections into a psychological landscape where hierarchies are overturned. Each work leads us on, as each world drifts into another – a labyrinth of thoughts filling us both with solace and quiet despair. The Possibilities are limitless.

  • Photo credits: Dimitris Parthimos. Courtesy of locus athensPhoto credits: Dimitris Parthimos. Courtesy of locus athens

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Tsami Karatasou 51, 11741, Koukaki Athens, Greece