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Nadim Abbas: Chimera

Antenna Space

09 Nov 201610 Jan 2017

Antenna Space presents a solo show by the Honk Kong based artist Nadim Abbas.

Abba’s practice includes heavily-researched installation and sculptural works that play on the psychological patterns of everyday objects and kitsch.

Nadim Abbas examines the structural and political properties of images and their precarious relationship with reality. Revolving around the psychological influences of kitsch and cliché, his sculptural installations are immersive environments of ambiguous forms. Frequently incorporating objects from flea markets and dollar shops, casting, animation and photography, Abbas weaves together extensive research with sophisticated visual manoeuvres to destabilise our perception of space.

Nadim Abbas draws his inspiration from literature, psychology and science. The artist produces heavily researched sculptural works, photography and large installations. Finding objects in places such as flea markets and dime stores Abbas allows them to infiltrate his artistry. The objects are the foundation for research and sometimes find their way into the installations, permeating the sculptures. Previous works have delved into science, more specifically natural sciences, such as coral reefs. In addition the artist is fascinated by kitsch, and finds inspiration in figurines, décor objects and manuals. Forgotten home findings – that don’t necessarily have a shelf life, but are usually cast away. Pairing his interest with that of the obscure and the scientific: as well as technology and Abbas’s work underscores the parallels in the domestic extensions that these different interest areas create.


  • Nadim Abbas. Photo credits: Roberto ChamorroNadim Abbas. Photo credits: Roberto Chamorro
  • Nabim Abbas, Exhibition view, Antenna SpaceNabim Abbas, Exhibition view, Antenna Space
  • Nabim Abbas, Exhibition view, Antenna SpaceNabim Abbas, Exhibition view, Antenna Space

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Nadeem Abbas. Photo by: Roberto Chamorro. Courtesy of

Nadim Abbas

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Destination: Shanghai
Where: Antenna Space
Type: Opening
Admission: Free

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