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Nam June Paik: Our Bright Future–Cybernetic Fantasy

Nam June Paik Art Centre

20 Jul 201705 Nov 2017

“Our Bright Future–Cybernetic Fantasy” proposes an explorative path of contemporary technology and art from the perspective of the ‘Cybernetics’ of Nam June Paik.
Bringing up the themes of robots, interface and posthuman, the show is a warning against the Anthropocene and calls for a more multi-dimensional approach to the birth of the new “human”.
The exhibition will also host Technology and Media workshops every Sunday in August.

  • Tv Fish, courtesy of Nam June Paik Art CenterTv Fish, courtesy of Nam June Paik Art Center

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Destination: South Korea
Where: Nam June Paik Art Centre
Type: Opening

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M: W: NJP Art Center
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