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11 Dec 201524 Jan 2016

The book launch New Photography in MIS (vol.1), a partnership with SESI-SP Publisher. The launch of the book takes place on the same day the opening of the latest edition of the exhibition New Photography at MIS in 2015, Back to the place where he was happy, Guilherme Botelho. Created in 2011, the New Photography is an annual project of the Museum of Image and Sound that seeks to create a permanent space for exhibition of photographs of promising artists who are distinguished by the quality and innovation of their work. Every year, six series of images are chosen by call and displayed at the museum.

In order to document the program and expand the scope of production of photographers, this first volume brings critical texts and a selection of photos of the artists included in the years 2012 and 2013, prepared by John Kulcsár, Ricardo Resende, Monica Maia and Rosely Nakagawa .
“A living museum that speaks to your audience could not ignore the bold and contemporary artistic production. Based on this idea, and considering the importance of encouraging languages ​​working the boundaries of picture and sound, MIS has dedicated an exclusive space to exhibit works of photographers that stand for innovation and quality of his recent productions, “explains André Sturm, executive director and general curator of the MIS. “Thus it emerged in 2012 the New Photography program. In these 24 shows that we promote, we realize the diversity of themes, looks and techniques contained in the current photographic language, “he adds.
With an area dedicated to art and photography books, the SESI-SP Publisher supported the program. “We want to amplify the actions that the institution develops with great determination and seriousness, and that will be leveraged in this editorial partnership with the MIS, which in addition to a unique public collection and the necessary expertise, has an impeccable curatorial work only ennoble titles , which will compose the photographic aspect of the Collection Exhibition, “said Rodrigo de Faria e Silva, editor in chief of SESI-SP Publisher.
128 pages, the book contains five images of each artist Mara Schimpf, who inaugurated the program in 2012 with the series Expanded instant; Requiem, of Gordana Manić; Timeless, Marcelo Tinoco; simplicity fragments of Carlos Aliperti; Between walls and ideas, Marcos Muniz, and Gorlovka, 1951 of Flavia Junqueira terminating the year.
In 2013, Nati Corner of the works are presented (Snow, salt, rain ─ individual and collective memories), Luiz Maximiano (Pakistan: a country, several wars), Jorge Sato (São Paulo Neo Noir), Rafael M. Milani (charms Meetings), Jonas Tucci (Street Shot) and Francesco Di Tillo (Deaths).
Until December 20th an exhibition with a picture of each of the artists in this book, will be exposed at the entrance of MIS.

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