Berlin - Exhibition

Nicola Martini: Molten

Dittrich & Schlechtriem

25 Sep 201817 Nov 2018

Molten is the first solo show in Berlin of the Italian artist Nicola Martini; for the exhibition, Martini created a sculptural and performative installation, filling the subterranean gallery space with 20 tons of phenolic-coated quartz sand. The artificial environment includes also individual sculptures by the artist, composed of a variant of the same sand, manipulated by the artist.

Molding this material, Martini assembles objects that contain indentations, footprints, and sand formations documenting the actions of visitors who experience the space over time. Throughout the course of the exhibition period, Martini continues to manufacture these objects, creating a constantly shifting landscape that offers a different experience for visitors each day.


  • Nicola Martini, Nicola Martini, "Molten", 2018, Courtesy of Dittrich & Schlechtriem

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Destination: Berlin
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