Miami - Exhibition

Nobody Owns the Beach

Sunset Islands, Miami Beach

05 Dec 201710 Dec 2017

The artists in show take over a residential property for sale to display works tackling the issue of the shifting, precarious state of the current political and environmental situation. In “Nobody Owns the Beach” the theme of seasickness is used as a metaphor: the ocean is a symbol of instability and fluxus. The artists in this exhibition examine a wide range of associations around our relationship with water: cities like Miami rely on tourism and take advantage of their beaches and waterfronts, but the uncertainty of this resource has been made all too real with the most recent wave of hurricanes devastating the Gulf Coast states, Caribbean, and Central America. Miami is a city built on soft earth and man-made reefs. Water levels are undeniably rising but the beachfront mansions never looked better…

  • Gregory Kalliche, Last Chance, 2016 video stillGregory Kalliche, Last Chance, 2016 video still

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Destination: Miami
Where: Sunset Islands, Miami Beach
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