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Older than Jesus

Bakehouse Art Complex

21 Nov 201522 Jan 2016

A Survey of Contemporary Works by Artists 34+

For “Younger Than Jesus,” the first edition of “The Generational,” the New Museum’s new signature triennial, fifty artists from twenty-five countries were be presented. The only exhibition of its kind in the United States, “The Generational: Younger Than Jesus” offered a rich, intricate, multidisciplinary exploration of the work being produced by a new generation of artists born after 1976. Known to demographers, marketers, sociologists, and pundits variously as the Millennials, Generation. The Bakehouse Art Complex now entering it’s 30th year has primarily been a spot for older artists, now exploring and emerging in their own right. Our show “Older than Jesus” will be focusing on artists that did not have it all figured out as teenagers, artists that took time and explored other careers or just needed some extra time to ripen. Each artist will be at least 34 years old with a few doubling that, showing that Generation X,Y and, Z’s views are still valid.

  • Bakehouse Art ComplexBakehouse Art Complex
  • Bakehouse Art ComplexBakehouse Art Complex

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Special Events

Destination: Miami
Where: Bakehouse Art Complex
Type: Opening
Admission: Free
Destination: Miami
Where: Bakehouse Art Complex
Type: Breakfast

Art Basel Breakfast

Destination: Miami
Where: Bakehouse Art Complex
Type: Finissage
Admission: Free

Featuring Sheila Elias, Peggy Nolan and Bill Maguire; open studios; music from Somewhat Hungover; beverages and food.

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