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Papinee World

Pearl Lam Galleries, Hong Kong – H Queen’s

29 Nov 201606 Jan 2017

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Pearl Lam Galleries, Soho, Hong Kong, presents an exhibition featured with PAPINEE, the Global Children’s Storytelling Social Enterprise, that Pearl Lam Galleries has invited to create an art installation for children. The project is hosted from the 29 Of November until the 6th of January 2017 , and has the goal to let children travel with imagination all around the world.

Pearl Lam Galleries is excited to present Papinee World this year. As a gallery, we fundamentally believe that art should be accessible to people of all ages, demographics, and social groups, as it provides a lens for us to better understand the world in which we live. We hope our art installation Papinee World will inspire curiosity, provoke creativity, celebrate diversity, and stimulate the imagination of children from all corners of Hong Kong.”

Stated Perl Lam, founder and director of Perl Lam Galleries.

  • Papinee World, New York, Odo the deer, courtesy of Perl Lam Galleries, Hong Kong,Papinee World, New York, Odo the deer, courtesy of Perl Lam Galleries, Hong Kong,

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