Milan - Exhibition

Partiture Visive

Galleria Bianconi

16 Mar 201728 Apr 2017

The group show is an junction of various artistic movements, as well as artist’s generations, historical and active work, the past and the present. It displays works by artists which are dealing or have been dealing with themes such as “time”, “medium”, “colour”, “sound” and “language” – themes which are affecting an artistic career and develop with time.

Movements such as Conceptual Art, Fluxus Movement, Performing Art, and Lettrism are being displayed – some of which are characterized by the artist using non-traditional tools and techniques, others are closely linked to the classical use of brush and paint.

Older generations side with younger artists, who, on the one hand have are triggered by a greater innovative stimulus for research and experiments, but on  the other hand are greatly exposed to pressures of an increasingly globalized world.

Further, “sound” is a key element of the exhibition, displayed, as noise, an expression of a reinvented language, immediate and disruptive in performance and sound installation. Works from artist such as Man Ray, Aldo Spinelli, Philip Corner, Giuseppe Chiari, to works by David Reimondo and an interactive audio-visual installation by Andrea Bianconi, present some of the artists’ paths of experimenting with sound.

Another key element is  “time” as illustrated especially in the work of Eros Bonamini; scanning and assembling the readymade, and the possibility that the work offers space to express, outweigh the very idea of classic storytelling.

Works from Nam June Paik to Giuseppe Chiari, will be used to redefine the concept of “medium and colour”. Whereas pieces by Vincenzo Agnetti, or Eugenio Miccini are dealing with “the use of language”, symbols, signs, dreams – all of which combined present the great artistic range of influences – an exhibition titled Partiture Visive.

  • Invitation to exhibition Partiture Visive, Courtesy of Galleria BianconiInvitation to exhibition Partiture Visive, Courtesy of Galleria Bianconi
  • Nam June Paik, PartitureVisive. Courtesy of Galleria BianconiNam June Paik, PartitureVisive. Courtesy of Galleria Bianconi

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Destination: Milan
Where: Galleria Bianconi
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