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07 Sep 201608 Oct 2016

a.m. space presents “Permutation”, the first solo exhibition by Hong Kong painter Leung Wing Hong. The works in the exhibition are originated from the curiosity about the order and state of the surrounding things. Similar to how people stare at ants’ movement, the artist seems to observe the world with a hazy outer consciousness. In the process of understanding and rearranging order, he disregards the wills of individual human beings and objects in the setting, expressing the indescribable quandary and ambiguous thoughts towards reality using a realistic style, the objects’ obscure orientations, as well as imaginary space.

The current world is structured by mechanisms, rendering its inhabitants into receivers. Self-awareness is insignificant as far as this outer consciousness is concerned. Leung tries to jump out of this ‘boxed world’, imagining himself as an ‘observer’ who possesses this outer consciousness in order to explore object relations in another dimension. He begins with pool, a painting series which examines how people and their surroundings shape each other – the hills of the city, people, the sky, and a pool of water are tessellated repeatedly, revealing subtle differences. Time and space stand still, resulting in scenes of pure observation which vaguely hint at the spirit of living. Meanwhile, in the Pins and Orders series, the ‘observer’ begins to intervene in the workings of the world. Through the repetitive arrangement of the objects around him – the only element of object relations he could observe – he attempts to construct a non-scientific knowledge system. These materialistic actions may eventually lead the ‘observer’ to reflect on his own existence.

Different permutations and combinations of simple objects penetrate tranquillity, mystery, and evocation. As for the traces of emotion arising from the lengthy painting of these symbols, the artist has chosen to remain silent, letting the viewers decipher them as they wish. “Permutation” is simply a response to Leung’s present life. The return to experience from observation hints at a change in his mentality as he turns away from being an indifferent city dweller and begins to scrutinise his own self.

  • Leon Wing Hong, Everything under the Sun, 2015Leon Wing Hong, Everything under the Sun, 2015

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