Miami - Exhibition

Ping Pong Miami 2014

Alfred I. Dupont Building

01 Dec 201407 Dec 2014

Ping Pong is an independent exhibition project for contemporary art founded in 2007 to cultivate Artistic exchange between Basel, Miami and Los Angeles.

This allows collaboration between the artists, as well as the realization of site specific works in the actual location. Artists working with similar techniques and materials or with roots in the same cultural and political backgrounds are chosen and paired off with the counterparts from another city.

The project documents, explores and stimulates the artistic endeavors of the cities. Ping Pong is presented during the ART Basel and the ART Basel Miami Beach as well as in Los Angeles at the LAAA exhibition space.

This year durin Art Basel Miami Beach, Ping Pong presents the projects of various artists: Robert Chambers (b. 1958, Miami), Martin Chramosta (b. 1982, Zürich), Cara Despain (b. 1983 Salt Lake City), Sue Irion (b. 1961, Basel), Clare Kenny (b. 1976, Manchester), Ruben Millares (b. 1980, Miami), Guido Nussbaum (b. 1948, Swiss), Mei Xian Qiu (b.1979, Pekalongan), Andrew Pasquella (b. 1979, Dallas), Mette Tommerup(b. 1969, Denmark), Antonia Wright (b. 1979, Miami), Molly Valade.

  • Sue Irion, Basel Roadside Sunset, 2014Sue Irion, Basel Roadside Sunset, 2014
  • Robert Chambers, Tolling Lobile, 2014Robert Chambers, Tolling Lobile, 2014
  • Cara Despain, Miami and everything that comes with it, 2013Cara Despain, Miami and everything that comes with it, 2013

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Special Events

Destination: Miami
Where: Alfred I. Dupont Building
Type: Performance

Live acts The Chicken Liquor

Destination: Miami
Where: Alfred I. Dupont Building
Type: Party

DJ Large Kool

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