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R. Crumb: Drawing for Print: Mind Fucks, Kultur Klashes, Pulp Fiction & Pulp Fact

David Zwirner

21 Feb 201913 Apr 2019

“Drawing for Print: Mind Fucks, Kultur Klashes, Pulp Fiction & Pulp Fact” highlights the mind and career of R. Crumb, whose works proved themselves fundamental in the formation of the underground comics scene in the 1960s and 1970s, expanding the boundaries of graphic arts and contributing to the affirmation of comics and cartoons as countercultural forms of art.

His comics, such as the strips of “Fritz the Cat”, “Mr. Natural”, and “Keep on Truckin’” convey a shrewd satirical critique of modern society, targeting racial and gender stereotypes, sexual fantasies and fetishes, and the absurdities of social convention and conformity.

The exhibition features a wide array of printed materials from the artist’s archive, such as tear sheets of drawings and comics, related ephemera and a selection of rare sketchbooks. Also on view a group of historical works on paper by English and American satirists and illustrators including William Hogarth, James Gillray, Thomas Nast and Art Young, which insert Crumb in a longer tradition of social critique, dating back to the eighteenth century.


  • R. Crumb, R. Crumb, "Sketchbook", 1979–1981, David Zwirner gallery, New York

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